These Two French Bulldogs Will Make You Reevalute Your Instagram Game

FYI, their Insta aesthetic is 1000% better than yours.

This is Piggy and Polly, two French bulldogs from Florida living their best and most well-lit lives.

Instagram: @piggyandpolly

Like the rest of us, they also love lazy mornings with bae…

And cozying up with a photogenic slice of pizza…

Lounging around in tastefully rumpled millennial pink sheets…

Indulging in a Wine Wednesday…

Plus a little spooning, after it’s been an extra long day.

Instagram: @piggyandpolly

Occasionally, they’ll let you in on their beauty routine…

**Smizing effortlessly**

Instagram: @piggyandpolly

Or the daily yoga practice that keeps them #grounded…

Instagram: @piggyandpolly

And all the times when #thehustle is real…

Instagram: @piggyandpolly

But rest assured: their plandid game is better than yours.

Instagram: @piggyandpolly

Like, so much better.

You can enviously follow Piggy and Polly here.😻

Instagram: @piggyandpolly

This post was translated from Japanese.

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