19 Dogs That Were So Bad They Were Actually Good

We’ll love them no matter what.

“Thank God you’re here because something TERRIBLE happened and I had absolutely nothing to do with it.”

Instagram: @mrkenbarklow


“What? No, I was just sitting here the whole time and don’t even know what you’re talking about.”


“Oh, was this what you were looking for?”

“I refuse to look at you because I did nothing wrong and you can’t prove that I did.”

Instagram: @rhoziefranco


“Haha, no it’s been pretty tame since you left. Why do you ask? How was your night?”

“I was just trying them on, I swear!”

Instagram: @petsarepets

“Uh… Well… I mean… Okay, the thing is…”

"Uh... Well... I mean... Okay, the thing is..."

Instagram: teddy_the_canadian_frenchie / Via Instagram: @teddy_the_canadian_frenchie

“Sup? This is broken. Dunno how.”

Instagram: @tian_welly


“It was like this when I got here.”


“Sorry, no one is home. Please try again later.”

“Look! I found a fun new place to hang out and also the plant died.”

Instagram: @guiltydogs

“Are you here to help us take inventory? We have a lot of work to do.”

Instagram: @carlos_8844

“I’m usually allowed to eat this many. It’s fine.”

"I'm usually allowed to eat this many. It's fine."

giphy.com / Via giphy.com

“Damn, that looks tasty. I mean… no it doesn’t.”

Instagram: @dosperritosak

“The couch exploded and I’m kinda freaked out about it, so could you give me some space, please?”

Instagram: @geoffreyskywalker

“Listen, I hear you. But it wasn’t me.”

Instagram: @luna_the_kingcollie

“Couldn’t have been me. I’ve been sleeping the entire time.”

Instagram: @frenchie_charliebug


“I don’t want to point fingers, but it was definitely him.”



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