18 Dogs Who Completely Won Halloween

They’re dressed to impress.

This little lion cub.

They don't make stuffed animals quite this cute.


And this Chihuahua who’s clowning around.

Cute or creepy? You decide.


This crabby little girl.

As they say…if the shoe fits, wear it.


And this little fire fighter.

He's saving the day with his cuteness.


This wiener dog in a wiener costume.

Hot diggity dog.

Instagram: @heinrich_the_dachshund

And this cute lil’ triceratops.

Stay tuned for the new Spielberg hit, “Jurassic Bark.”

Instagram: @jessyymartin

This furry pack of lion cubs.

Cuteness overload.

Instagram: @reagandoodle

And this law-enforcing fluff ball.

Hey, someone's gotta keep law and order around here.

Instagram: @pets_by_fancyme

This adorable Jack-O’-Lantern.

Oh my gourd!


And this vicious little shark.

I'd let this little guy bite me any day.

Instagram: @jesster1823

And this presidential fella.

Trump wishes he looked this good.


This little lobster.

Well that's clawfully adorable.


And this Pomeranian Pikachu.

I have no words.


This Superdog.

Don't underestimate her teacup size.


And let’s not forget about her counterpart.

Don't let the underbite fool you…this guy mans business.

Instagram: @kobydogtheadventurer

This smiling Frenchie in a tortilla shell.

Taco'bout adorable.


And finally, this fuzzy little dude.

He's just monkeying around 🙊.

Instagram: @homeandheartcda

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